3 line art images for laser scanning, modeling, tracking construction phases

Rental FAQs

What is the minimum rental period?

In most cases, one day, however certain equipment can have a one week minimum.

Is insurance required on all rentals?

A general liability insurance from any major insurance provider is required with a section to cover “rented equipment” under our company name and/or persons in charge, for the full replacement value of the equipment on your agreement. The equipment  replacement value is included on your rental agreement.

What if I do not have liability Insurance?

We have a team of technicians and experts who can do the scanning, registration, and post processing for you. As long as our technicians work with the scanners, you are not required for provide liability insurance.

Can I rent the software?

We provide direct sales for  Autodesk and Leica software. We can refer you to Faro to purchase SCENE at a discounted price.

Is there any specific software I need?

There are multiple options for registration and stitching process depending on equipment you select. Our team of experts can consult with you on selecting the best software for your rental. Equipment manufacturers vary in post processing software offerings.

What happens if the scanner malfunctions during the rental?

We are available during our regular hours Monday through Friday to help you tackle any issues that may arise. In the event the instrument malfunctions, we would replace it when inventory allows.

Does the rental price include shipping?

Shipping is listed as an extra item on the agreement and the customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Your rental agreement will provide shipping details.  Major carriers are accepted  (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Do you provide post processing services?

Our team of experts can help you set up your accounts on the post processing software and teach you basics you need to finish the registration/stitching process. moreover we offer post processing services for you at your convenience too.

Does the rental require a security deposit?

Depending on the location and other factors we reserve the right to require a deposit from renting parties.

What training is available?

We can work with your team and make sure to provide the best training experience. We can help guide you through the stages of a scanning job.
If you are interested in creating a 3D model from the point cloud, we provide Scan-to-BIM modeling services.